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Company Development
August, 1969   Heqiao Glass Block Factory was established.
June, 1970    Heqiao Instrument Factory was established.
February, 1976  The name was changed to Yixing Optical Instrument Factory.
March, 1976   The name was changed to Yixing Glass Instrument Factory.
August, 1987   Yixing Optical Instrument Factory and Yixing Glass Instrument Factory merged into a factory.And the name was changed to Yixing Instrument General Factory.
August, 1998   It changed to Yixing Jingke Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.

Brief Introduction
  Yixing jingke Optical Instrument Co., Ltd. is a large manufacturer in our country that produces cells, optical cells and glass cells.Oevr thirty years of rescarch, development and production, it has gained rich experience and passed the proof of ISO9001 International Quality System. Now it has formed 16 series, 500 different kinds of cells and optical cells, which apply to photo electrons, optical spectrum analysers in industries of chemistry, metallurgy, enviromnental protection, medicinal tests, hospitals, power stations, water works, scientific research institutions etc. that carry out analytical experiments.Many world famous optical spectrum works chose our products as necessary accessories of theirs.

Yixing Jinglce's Principal Aim
Our aim is to manuthcture our products elaborately with excellent quality, present a sincere offer to our customers, and develop uptodate products of the worldadvanced level so as to meet the needs of the analysts all over the world.

Yixing Jingke's Quality
We have advanced technicians, managing personnel members to operate IS09001 Quality System and strictly control every link such as the purchase of raw materials, the making of products, packing and delivery to assure the customers of our highgualified products.

Yixing Jingke's Service
We carry out promise to our domestic customersexcellent quality, high effectiveness, quickness and honesty. We strive to push our products to the world markets, with technology excellent technique and reliable quality to render our service to our customers.
You are welcome to go into "http://www. cell-cn.com" to get the new information of our products. You can either telephone or email us, too.
Our telephone number: 8651087801818, Email address: jingke@cell-cn.com.

Yixing Jingke Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.